Yeahhh, I know this is not a great tips, no need special technique or advanced knowledge. This is small tips, but somehow, a view friends of mine dont know how to deal with it. Yeahh this tips is about how to prevent multimedia file like images, audio, videos, and documents downloaded automatically. It's overload your smartphone memory right??? Lo tau kan file-file multimedia kaya gambar dll yang terdownload otomatis di WA itu bikin penuh memori HP???!!!  Nah ini caranya, How To Off Whatsapp Media Auto-Download.

1st, Buka WA, click menu symbol di pojok kanan atas, lalu click Setting (Image. 1)

Image 1

2nd, Click Data Usage (Image 2)

Image 2

3rd,  You can see Media auto-download title with 3 option, 

  1. When using mobile data, maksudnya pilihan auto-download saat anda terhubung internet lewat paket data.
  2. When connected on Wi-Fi,  maksudnya pilihan auto-download saat anda terhubung internet menggunakan wi-fi.
  3. When roaming, maksudnya pilihan auto-download saat anda terhubung internet saat roaming.
Click all option, and unselect all in each option. Pokoknya lo jangan centang semua pilihan yang ada di setiap pilihan tersebut. (Image 3)

Image 3

That's all. You will save from multimedia flood, lol.... Enjoy lads!!!!

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